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Nils Ossman – Kontrabass /  Double Bass


Nils Ossman

Was born in 1967 and grew up in Motala/Sweden.

He lives in Visby/Gotland/Sweden.


Studies and Education

1990-94 at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

He studied among others with Michael Karlsson and the jazz legend Nils-Henning Ørsted-Pedersen.



Projects and involvements

  • After finishing his studies, he worked several years as a freelancer in Stockholm
  • Since 1998 he is working at GotlandsMusiken
  • Nils especially is well-known as a valued member of the Gotland Jazz Trio (2019 CD featuring Filip Jers - harmonica)
  • Playing mainly jazz, as well as original music standards he often appears with vocal or instrumentalist soloist and regularly participate in the Cultural Roxy's Jazz Club at The Monk in Visby
  • He also is involved in theatrical productions in cooperation with the County Theater on Gotland
  • Upcoming audiobook with the Duo TonSatz: The Silence of the Shadows (Expected release date first half of 2020)
    We are pleased that Nils has joined us as a guest musician at the studio recordings in Visby/Gotland (October 2019).