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Metaphorical view of socially relevant light and shadow sides. Light and shadow atmospheres of inner experience/nature.

Lyrikband und CD | Das Schweigen der Schatten – Mosaik einer SucheLiterature and music united in a uniquely beautiful way - with “The Silence of the Shadows Mosaic of a Search” Christiane Schwarze and Eva Batt succeed in this feat. Especially in times of Corona, a work like this one is absolutely existential. Christiane Schwarze and Eva Batt's aim, as can be read in the booklet, is to give voice to people on whom there is a shadow (emotional or social). The focus lies on feelings, which are reversed in the verses from negative to positive.

The book therefore also has healing powers. For this, Schwarze and Batt use expressive language images that are remembered long after the “reading”. This makes it unique on the German book market.

Mysterious images of simultaneous
presence and absence.
Viewing outer and inner shadows.

Where does this journey of the mind lead?

To the opposite pole. - Through the metamorphosis of the dark:
Light again at last!

You lose yourself head over heels in Schwarze’s poetry and in Batt's sounds. Eva Batt's compositions alternate with ten poems that are recited by the author Christiane Schwarze.
In some cases, text and music are superimposed, in others they are presented solitary. In any case, however, the works explicitly refer to each other. The composer Eva Batt encounters the author's literary diversity and intensity with her own distinctive musical language, in which she incorporates stylistic elements from classical music, jazz and world music.

Poetry that touches the heart at its core and moves the reader to tears - there is hardly anything more beautiful, more encouraging, and more thrilling than reading the poems of Christiane Schwarze. But “The Silence of the Shadows Mosaic of a Search” is much more than an entertaining little book away from the mainstream. It makes you think about ourselves, what we want and how we can overcome both psychological and social problems. It's like a silver lining on the horizon. There is hope for it-goes-on. Such a gift is most special; and is made even more special by the accompanying CD, created in collaboration with the composer Eva Batt. Both together has real style, like few other releases in recent years.

Christiane Schwarze and Eva Batt are treading new, as yet unknown paths with their art. But the most beautiful thing about “The Silence of the Shadows Mosaic of a Search” is: both the book and the audio book invite the reader/listener to follow these paths together with the authors. Here literature becomes an experience for all the senses, and also an important companion through darker days. It gives hope to those who have long lost theirs. For this and for the artistically high quality visual and auditory execution, a very warm THANK YOU to Schwarze and Batt!

Or you can just let a quote from the Swedish royal family speak for itself: "Your Majesty is very impressed by your work and wishes you continued success”.
(Susann Fleischer, October 12th, 2020)

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