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Eva Batt

Eva Batt (Foto: Dr. Frederick Phillips) Born in 1965 in Hamburg / Germany

Composer & pianist of contemporary music.

Member of
MELODIVA (female music networking) / Frankfurt | Germany.

Sheet music copyrights
represented by SUISA (Cooperative Society of Music Authors and Publishers in Switzerland) 


Education / Studies

  • Classical piano education among others with Professor Renate Gold (University Stuttgart / Germany) and study preparation with Professor Martin Schrack in Stuttgart / Germany
  • Jazz-studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston / USA with Professor Suzanna Sifter and Biff Smith
  • Piano studies at the Jazz- and Rock-Schule Freiburg / Germany with Deviana Daudsjah and Philipp Moehrke
  • Piano studies at the Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz / Germany with Professor Bernd Frank, Achim Kaufmann and Gabriel Bock (Diploma Jazz and jazz-related music)
  • Additional education on the instruments:
    Congas/Cajón (with Christoph Repp, Juan Bauste, Gerd Radecke, Mark Collazo, Conny Sommer)
    Electric Bass (with Nicole Badila)
    Functional vocal education (Rabine-concept)


Residencies / Scholarships / Awards

In the last couple of years, Eva Batt's compositions have furthermore been awarded by means of various work- and residency grants. These were/are all carried out as coordinated residencies/scholarships together with her duo partner Christiane Schwarze (literature).

2025  Sweden/Visby (Gotland)
          Composer-in-Residence | Visby International Centre for Composers (VICC) 
          Grant for work-residency

2024  Norway/Trondheim
          Artist-in-Residence | granted residency by the foundation
          Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (LKV) | (division: Interdisciplinary AiR/composition)

2023  Schwitzerland/Vättis (Canton St. Gallen)
          Artist-in-Residence | scholarship granted by the association Skulpturenweg Vättis         

2022  Switzerland/Sant'Abbondio/Lago Maggiore (Canton Ticino)
          Workstay | facilitated by the Fondazione Eduard Bick      

2020  Germany/Soltau (Lüneburg Heath)
          Composer-in-Residence | grant for work-residency from the city of Soltau and the association
          Freundeskreis Künstlerwohnung         

2019  Spain/El Hierro (Canary Island)
          Composer-in-Residence at the invitation of casArte und BIMBACHE openART          

2019  Sweden/Visby (Gotland)
          Artist's stay: Audiobook recording with international artists (supported by GotlandsMusiken).
          Completion of the project
The Silence of the Shadows – Mosaic of a Search, which was
          funded by the Baltic Center
for Writers and Translators & Visby International Center for
(SE), Canton Valais
& artbellwald (CH) and Center d'Art Marnay Art Center
/ Fondation Ténot (F).

2018    Switzerland/Bellwald (Canton Valais)
          Composer-in-Residence | scholarship granted by the Canton of Valais and the

2018  Sweden/Visby (Gotland)
          Composer-in-Residence | Visby International Centre for Composers (VICC) 
          Coordinated grants for work-residencies in cooperation with the
          Baltic Center for Writers and Translators (with Christiane Schwarze/literature)

2017  France/Marnay-sur-Seine (Region Champagne-Ardenne)
          Composer-in-Residence Centre d'Art Marnay Art Centre (CAMAC) 
          (sponsored by the Fondation Ténot)          

2017  Germany/Soltau (Lüneburg Heath)
          Composer-in-Residencegrant for work-residency from the city of Soltau and the association
          Freundeskreis Künstlerwohnung         

2015  Germany/Soltau (Lüneburg Heath)
          Composer-in-Residencegrant for work-residency from the city of Soltau and the association
          Freundeskreis Künstlerwohnung         

1999  Jugend jazzt with her schoolboy's combo (2nd place)

1996  Jugend jazzt with her schoolboy's combo (2nd place)

1989  1st German federal music party Trier with the Bigband Sindelfingen (1st place)


Libraries / Archives

Audio CDs and Sheet Music by Eva Batt were among others archived respectively included in the holdings of the following libraries/archives:

Mediathek Canton Wallis | Sion/Switzerland
Swiss national phonotek | Lugano/Switzerland
Library of the Foundation Lyrik Kabinett | München
Leipzig Poetry Library | LeipzigArchive & Library Spinnboden e. V. | Berlin
Badische Landesbibliothek | Karlsruhe
German Literature Archive Marbach | Marbach
Württembergische Landesbibliothek | Stuttgart

Library of Congress | Washington D.C. / USA
Bücheraum f  e. V. | Zürich/Switzerland


Composer & Pianist of contemporary music

Eva Batt's compositions arise from a deep need to transform experiences, feelings and atmospheres into her distinctive musical language. Openly, she encounters influences from other sound cultures and weaves stylistic elements from classical, jazz and world music into her works.

Her literary scorings are transformations from word to sound; transmissions of concrete literary statements and/or unspoken intentions between the lines. In doing so the composer feels the tradition of tone poems, especially for chamber music ensembles. Look also at: More about her Compositional ApproachEva Batt am Piano (Foto: Jaceck Brun)

As a pianist, she fascinates by the change from lightness and transparency to powerful attacks. Playful presence gives rise to atmospheric density.

Numerous musically staged readings with her duo TonSatz in Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden, Spain and Switzerland.
In addition, numerous performances in different formations (piano trio, quartet/quintet, big band) in Germany, Italy and the USA.



Duo TonSatz

Because of Eva Batt’s particular focus on literature and her intention to “tell stories” with her music, she and the author Christiane Schwarze decided to form a literary-musical duo. They named their duo  programmatically: “TonSatz” … one of her stands for the sound, the other for the words.

Since 2000 the artists compose and write explicitly for each other.
With their interdisciplinary works of art Eva Batt and Christiane Schwarze want to build a bridge between artistic aspiration and social commitment.



Sheet Music

2021   Frieden finden – irgendwo? / Finding peace somewhere?
           Sheet Music | For unaccompanied double bass
           Setting of the poem Dunkles Moor / Dark Bog from Christiane Schwarze
           © 2021 Gilgenreiner Verlag, Winterthur/Switzerland [ISMN 979-0-700268-34-3]

2020  Wind strich eine Schattenmelodie / Wind played a Shadow Melody
          Sheet Music | duet for violin and double bass
          Setting of the prize winning poem Vorausgegangen / Preceded from Christiane Schwarze
          © 2020 Publisher: Gilgenreiner Verlag, Winterthur/Switzerland [ISMN 979-0-700268-32-9]


More Releases

2022   First publication of the composition Gefangen im Weiss (Trapped in the White)
           (Setting to music of the short story Weiss (White) by Christiane Schwarze)
in the literary and art magazine absolutzine, sixth issue (online edition May 2022) with the topic BELOW.


Five literary-musical staged audio CDs together with her Duo TonSatz 

(Publisher: Baltrum Verlag / Wendepunkt Verlag / Mauer Verlag)

2020   Das Schweigen der SchattenMosaik einer Suche | Poesie & Musik
Café Zeitvergessen
   Wie ein Augenzwinkern der Zeit  
2003   Losgehen und Möglichkeiten atmen
2001   Als Wir Uns Trafen

Other CDs

1999   Step by Step / EVA BATT Trio
1993   It never ends / Zuckerfabrik


Artist Projects

2021 Kunst-Kultur-Literatur Magazin #kkl (Online) / (art-culture-literature magazine)
Literature setting of Christiane Schwarze's lyrical prose Polarnacht/Polarnight
June-Edition 2021 | Issue #kkl5
Editorial Martina Faber & Jens Faber-Neuling | Project mf-media martina faber / Bad Vilbel

2020 Artists' project Mit Poesie durch Pandemie (With Poetry through Pandemic)


Hearing Samples

A small selection under: Video

Further examples can be found on the respective CDs.


Catalogue of Works

Meanwhile the composer can look back on over 70 public premieres of her own compositions in the fields of contemporary, classical, jazz and world music.

Look at: Catalogue of works


Media presence

2021 hr2-culture (Programs: Jazzfacts, Musikland)
2017 Radio Unheard Marburg / Jazz-Zeit-Extra
Radio LORA Munich
2016 Radio Darmstadt / Special Feature Drumheads
2016 Radiofabrik Salzburg / Austria
2015 hr2-culture (Program Doppelkopf)
2011 Radio Unheard Marburg / Wortwerk
2010 Radio Unheard Marburg / Wortwerk
2009 Radio Unheard Marburg / Wortwerk
2004 Citizens Radio Berlin
2001 Citizens Radio Eschwege
1996 Local Television Böblingen (Interview)