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The Silence of the Shadows – Mosaic of a Search


Program Booklet: The Silence of the Shadows

Poetry & Contemporary Music

The artwork, which have been produced in several granted Artist-in-Residencies (France, Sweden, Switzerland), has been published as Poetry book and extracts from it as a literary-musical Audio CD by publisher Baltrum Verlag Haßloch/Germany in June 2020.

In the accompanying booklet of the CD the recited poems are printed in German, as well as in Swedish and English translations.

Musical guests:
Angela Frontera • drumset & percussion • Brazil | Germany
Emilio Sacarias Estrada Bencomo • violin • Cuba | Sweden
Nils Ossman • double bass • Sweden
Elke Saller
• marimbaphone • Germany
Zsuzsa Debre • violine • Ungarn | Deutschland

Making-of-Videoclip from our CD recording | Duo TonSatz on Gotland  (3:58 min)

Furthermore, the Gilgenreiner Verlag (Winterthur/Schweiz) published the Sheet Music of the composition Wind played a shadow melody which appears on the Audio CD. It is the musical setting of the award poem Preceded by Christiane Schwarze.

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Extract from: The Silence of the Shadows / Skuggornas Tystnad

Programmheft Schweden


Presentation Final Event

A cooperation between Visby International Center for Composers (VICC) and Baltic Center for Writers and Translators (BCWT).

Almedalsbiblioteket | Visby | Schweden 11th of May 2018
Look also at: Event Report_EN and Live-Video-Clips/Media 

At the event, the audience was provided with a bilingual program with the poems and the information about the participating artists in German and Swedish translation.





Encouragement by the Swedish Royal House

The duo TonSBrief Schwedisches Königshausatz presented its ongoing project to Her Majesty and patron of the German-Swedish Society, Queen Silvia of Sweden.

In the course of this, the artists were given a great honour because they were explicitly encouraged in their undertakings.

Quote Swedish Royal House (the letter was written in German):
„Ihre Majestät ist von Ihrer Arbeit sehr beeindruckt und wünscht Ihnen weiterhin viel Erfolg.“

"Your Majesty is very impressed by your work and wishes you continued success."