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The Silence of the Shadows – Mosaic of a search | Poetry & Music


Encouragement by the Swedish Royal House
The duo TonSatz presented their project to Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden, patron of the German-Swedish Society.
In the course of this, the artists were given a great honour because they were explicitly encouraged in their undertakings.

Quote Swedish Royal House:
"Your Majesty is very impressed by your work and wishes you continued success”.


Prof. Bernd Frank, 1983 - 2014 professor for practical piano playing, piano improvisation and jazz music at the Mainz University of Music (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz) | 1999-2001 director of the Mainz University of Music
"Your music appeals to me very much because it is soulful, minimalistic, concentrated, sensitive, structured and demanding. Music for real listening. "Sommerschatten" was particularly impressive for me."


Werner Ludwig Merkle, violinist
Founder and director of the award-winning and internationally active youth orchestra of the Herrenberg Music School. His violin teaching book "mini Strings" (Schuh Verlag/Gärtringen) is appreciated and used by many pedagogues in the German speaking countries. For many years Merkle worked as a reviewer for the VDM (Association of German Music Schools).
"The texts are complex and find, in our opinion, equivalents in psychology, in dialectics, existential philosophy or in symbolism, etc.
Likewise, the music is rich in stylistic possibilities and individual expression, goes far beyond a mere illustration, acts independently.
This total work of art is absolutely convincing.
Likable: despite all seriousness and differentiated perception, the whole thing does not pull you down, but always retains a certain lightness."


Gisela Steudter, freelance journalist Böhme-Zeitung/Soltau
"The music (…) Phew, great! This is one of the few CDs that I just can't listen to one after the other like 5 cantatas. Every note fits and tells me something. And this lyric, this extremely poetic zero reduncancy poetry ... exhausting - in the best sense ot the word."
Newspaper article (in English translation) about our performance The Silence of the Shadoes - Mosaic of a Search as part of our Artist-in-Residency Final event Soltau 2020


Astrid Lerg, Choir project Lilia caeli
"I am so enthusiastic about book and music (CD). A great total work of art! Both pillars of art are strong and independent, do not take anything away, but potentiate the depth and strength together. It is food for the brain and soul, strong and sensitive at the same time."


Reviews on other websites:

Susann Fleischer, Germanist/Linguist |
(Literature reviewer for publishers such as Luchterhand, Heyne, Carl Hanser, Rowohlt, rororo Taschenbuch, Droemer Taschenbuch, Klett-Cotta, Suhrkamp / Insel, dtv ...)
"Literature and music united in a uniquely beautiful way - with “The Silence of the Shadows – Mosaic of a Search” Christiane Schwarze and Eva Batt succeed in this feat. Especially in times of Corona, a work like this one is absolutely existential. Christiane Schwarze and Eva Batt's aim, as can be read in the booklet, is ..." read more


Jacek Brun,
founder of the Online Magazin for Jazz Music and founding member (1st chairman) of JazzDayGermany e.V.
Presentation of our CD in the Online Magazin for Jazz Music ( presentation (in German)


Poetry Book | Amazon customer review
(please scroll down to the bottom. You can get the German-language review translated using "Google Chrome".)


Audio Book | (music online seller) customer reviews
(please scroll down to the bottom. You can get the German-language review translated using "Google Chrome".)


Sheet Music | Blog from publisher Gilgenreiner Verlag (Switzerland)
Presentation of the sheet music in the context of the overall project. "Das perfekte Dreigestirn" | "The perfect Triumvirate"
(You can get the German-language review translated using "Google Chrome".)

Sheet Music | Review in the magazin das Orchester (Schott Music)
by Prof. Dr. Stefan Drees (University of Music/Hochschule für Musik "Hanns Eisler" Berlin).
Magazin Edition: 02/2021, p. 66.

Sheet Music | Double Review in the Schweizer Musikzeitung (Switzerland)
by double bass player Heike Schäfer and violinist Walter Amadeus Ammann 
Issue 04/2021