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Imaginary Encounters | Imaginäre Begegnungen


Buch Imaginäre Begegnungen


Narratives, poems and a modern fairytale.

A surreal mix of reality, day-dream, subtle outward observation and self-critical inner reflection.
Christiane Schwarze takes the readers to imaginary places. But all those who reflect on themselves and the world will still recognize them. Sometimes with silent melancholy, but usually with a smirk or a hearty laugh.
Above all, the poetry surprises with its unconventional expressions. Black humor and sharp-tongued social criticism keep flashing between the lines.


Coverpainting © Christiane Schwarze

Hardback Edition, 110 pages
Publisher: Wendepunkt Verlag/Weiden/Germany
ISBN: 978-3942688727

Reading Samples (German)

Reading Sample Der Kirschholztisch/The Cherrywood Table (DE / EN)




A narrative from Imaginary Encounters was also set to music and is available as a musical audio book:
Café Zeitvergessen


Imaginäre Begegnungen Braille

Christiane Schwarzes book Imaginary Encounters was her third book to be additionally transmitted in Braille. Released in 2018.

The decision was made after thorough examination of the "German Central Library for the Blind" in Leipzig, which belongs to the "Saxon Ministry of Science and Art".

The book was thus also archived in the German Central Library for the Blind / Leipzig and included in the holdings.