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Losing track of time Café | Café Zeitvergessen


Café Zeitvergessen Hörbuch






Total playing time approximately 129 minutes
In digipak with 12-page booklet
Coverpainting © Christiane Schwarze
Published 2015 by Wendepunkt Verlag / Weiden (Germany)
ISBN 978-3-942688-73-4


Café Zeitvergessen is one of the narratives you find in the book Imaginäre Begegnungen/Imaginary Encounters (Publisher: Wendepunkt Verlag/Weiden/Germany). [ISBN 978-3942688727]
On the audiobook you’ll hear some episodes transformed into a literary-musical staging.


Christiane Schwarze: Text und Recitation
Eva Batt: Composition und Piano

Guest musicians
Lindy Huppertsberg: Double Bass
Angela Frontera: Drums & Percussion


Café Zeitvergessen is an alternative to our alienated life.
The artwork tells us not to let ourselves become engulfed by our harried times - for we always have a choice if we take an honest look at our inner selves and remember what once used to be important to us.
Resisting the maelstrom of permanent presence and heteronomy could be the first step toward quitting the rat race and returning to the world of our own feelings and emotions.

Christiane Schwarze’s satirically surreal narrative Café Zeitvergessen sketches experiences and dreams in subtle snapshots.
A writing protagonist contemplatively and humorously describes events that take place in imaginary locations.
It is a blend of reality, daydream, astute external observation, and ironic self-reflection. – The portrait of a society in which people are at risk of losing themselves for fear of missing something.

The musical score by composer Eva Batt goes beyond merely accompanying the words. Sound and sentences merge to create evocative word-sound paintings.

There is no daubt that Eva Batt, Lindy Huppertsberg and Angela Frontera master their instruments.
But in this work the listeners expect new tones. The artists' play moves virtuously between modern, complex jazz, classical elements and world music fragments.

The three musicians not only accompany the reading, but create a common place with Christiane Schwarze:
Café Zeitvergessen.


Café Zeitvergessen Trailer

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