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The Silence of the Shadows – Mosaic of a Search |
Poetry & Music


Audio-CD | Poetry & Music


Cover CD Das Schweigen der Schatten
Lyrical-musical audio CD

to the Poetry book of the same name with selected poems.

The 32-page booklet of the CD contains the recited poems, both in German and in English and Swedish translation.

Eva Batt's compositions alternate with ten poems, which are recited by the author Christiane Schwarze herself. In some cases, text and music are superimposed, in others they are presented solitary. In each case, however, the works explicitly refer to each other. The composer Eva Batt encounters the author's literary diversity and intensity with her own distinctive musical language, in which she incorporates stylistic elements from classical music, jazz and world music.

CD in digipack
Total playing time: 59:44 minutes
CD-Cover, Assemblage Ausgebrannt: © Christiane Schwarze

 Release date June 22, 2020
© 2020 Baltrum Verlag, Haßloch/Germany | ISBN 978-3-00-065828-0  

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Feelings of love, pain, loss and hope are looking for words as well as social grievances, developments and changes.
If a shadow lies over our own soul, we often feel speechless and powerlessly trapped in the darkness.

CD Das Schweigen der Schatten | Booklet Doppelseite
With her subtle poetry, rich in imagery, Christiane Schwarze encourages us to sharpen our eyes for the good in such situations, to gather new strength, to keep fighting and finally to free ourselves from the gloom.
She also wants to make the connection between humans and nature tangible. Even though this has been pushed into the background in the modern age of an urban society: there is no life without nature. Nature gives us an external and internal sense of belonging and harbours healing powers.

In summary, the message is:
Behind the shadow lives the light. It's worth going there.



Duo TonSatz
Christiane Schwarze Lyric & Recitation • Germany
Eva Batt Composition & Piano • Germany

Musical Guests 
Angela Frontera
• Drums & Percussion • Brasilia | Germany
Emilio Sacarias Estrada Bencomo • Violin • Cuba | Sweden
Nils Ossman • Double Bass • Sweden
Elke Saller
• Marimbaphone • Germany
Zsuzsa Debre • Violin • Hungary | Germany

Literary translations into
English: Claudia Jones (Clawitter-Translations, VA/USA)
Swedish: Sarah Yegit (Leuphana University, Lüneburg/Germany & Karlstads University/Sweden)


History of origins

In recent years, the works of the author Christiane Schwarze and the composer Eva Batt have been honoured among other in the form of international artist scholarships.
Their project The Silence of the Shadows – Mosaic of a Search was also supported and led to working stays in France, Sweden and Switzerland.

The aim of the two artists was to give a voice to people on whom a shadow lies (emotionally/socially) – with the means of their art.
Furthermore, they would like to render tangible the connection between humans and nature. Because:
there is no life without nature. Nature gives us an external and internal sense of belonging and harbours healing powers.

(See also TonSatz-Programs: The Silence of the Shadows)


Project Funding

2017 | Centre d'Art Marnay Art Centre | Fondation Ténot | France
2018 | Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators | Sweden
2018 | Visby International Centre for Composers | Sweden
2018 | Canton of Valais & | Switzerland


2018/19 | GotlandsMusiken | Visby/Gotland | Sweden


Project Results: A triumvirate of Poetry book, Audio CD and Sheet music

Poetry book | The Silence of the Shadows – Mosaic of a Search
© 2020 Baltrum Verlag, Haßloch/Germany. [ISBN 978-3-752952-66-7]

Audio CD | The Silence of the Shadows – Mosaic of a Search | Poetry & Music
© 2020 Baltrum Verlag, Haßloch/Germany. [ISBN 978-3-00-065828-0]

Sheet Music | Wind played a shadow Melody | duet for violin and double bass
(Setting of the poem Preceded)
© 2020 Gilgenreiner Verlag, Winterthur/Switzerland [ISMN 979-0-700268-32-9]


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Our audio CD The Silence of the Shadows – Mosaic of a Search | Poetry & Music, listed as an audio book highlight, was published in the jpc-courier 10/2020.

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Recording & Mix

Sandkvie Studios (Visby/Sweden)
Wo ist HIER, Das Moor, Wind Strich eine Schattenmelodie, Das Schweigen der Schatten, Lyrik-Rezitationen. (Mamsjö Grand Piano)

die|tonbox (Amöneburg/Germany)
Burnout, Schattentraum. (Schimmel Grand Piano)

Renaissance Studio Cologne (Germany)
Eingefroren, Sommerschatten. (Bechstein Grand Piano)

Private recording: Lichtberührung. (Steinway Grand Piano)


Bauer Studios (Ludwigsburg/Germany), sound engineer Philipp Heck


Videolink: Snippets from the studio recording session | Duo TonSatz on Gotland (3:58 min)

Videolink zum Making-of Hör-CD Das Schweigen der Schatten






Hearing Samples

The Silence of the Shadows | Recitation

The Silence of the Shadows © Christiane Schwarze

Mysterious images of simultaneous
presence and absence.
Viewing outer and inner shadows.

Where does this journey of the mind lead?

To the opposite pole.
- Through the metamorphosis of the dark:
Light again at last!

The Silence of the Shadows | Piano, Double Bass, Drums/Percussion


Where is HERE? | Recitation & Violin, Piano, Double Bass, Drums/Percussion

Grey the owl’s twilight cry | Recitation

The moor (snippet) | Piano, Double Bass, Drums/Percussion